Embarrassing Retraction of Bizarre Synergy Initiative announced by Suxco.com


Suxco.com announced today that its last announcement should have never been announced. In a move that has many industry insiders scratching their heads, Suxco representatives are retracting their former position on the status of the company.


“Even though Suxco executives are still unavailable for comment, I would like to say this,” said alleged Suxco executive David Sorbrows. “While formerly we may have believed that Suxco was uniquely positioned to take advantage of the gaping hole left in the marketplace by our previous absence, we currently are not as sure as we were before.”


“I used to be so excited that Suxco.com’s products were finally being delivered to meet the rising consumer demand for their delivery,” said an employee of Breadwig.com, Suxco’s sister organization. “But now, I’m wondering if Suxco’s creatives and developers really were the experts in enhancement globalization we all thought they were.”


Suxco’s latest bid to attract traffic to their website through press release retraction is being hailed as the next step in the company’s development.


About Suxco.com

Suxco.com has been providing products, if not services, since the time of its first press release. The company was founded upon one simple and profound principle: Somewhere, there's someone, who thinks something sucks. The flexible, laser-like focus of this mission statement enables Suxco to maximize customer satisfaction.


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