Disastrous press release strategy prompts firing of Suxco.com PR department.

In an apparent attempt aimed at stemming the tide of errant press releases, Suxco.com has allowed their entire P.R. department the freedom to pursue employment elsewhere.  In a move that has many industry insiders scratching their heads, Suxco representatives are upbeat, yet recalcitrant.

 "Suxco firmly believes in the sanctity of the common press release," said alleged Suxco executive David Sorbrows. “We now believe our press releases were pushing the boundaries of acceptable press release formatting. At the same time we felt it was an opportunity to share the wealth and allow other companies the chance to benefit from our overanxious P.R. division.”

 "Wall Street has been waiting for a move like this," said an employee of Breadwig.com, Suxco's sister organization. "In an era of rampant abuse, Suxco has stepped up to the plate and wiped it clean, all in one fell swoop."

 Suxco's latest effort to develop sustainable legitimacy through multi-tiered nonsense is being hailed as the next step in the company's development.

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